this blog is dedicated to a sexy band called niall and the potatoes.


look at niall in his zebra print pants!!


Midnight Memories Vinyl



Drink Drunking [Narry]


Summary: Niall drunk dials the wrong number. Harry picks up. 

Harry is not easily pissed off. But, when his phone starts ringing at  three in the freaking morningand he has a very important test the next day (or later on that day, specifics), well, who can blame him. It’s just that, Harry likes his sleep - a lot. So sue him.

Still, he’s a good guy and, somehow in his mind, three in the morning translates into emergency so he smacks at his dressing table until he feels his phone underhand, swiping his thumb over the green circle before he holds it to his ear and it’s with a croak that he finally answers, “Hello?”

“Ari babes!” Whoever or whatever it is, all Harry knows is that it’s a loud, tinny voice in his ear and so painfully not an emergency but, the moment he jerks the phone away, the voice just seems to get louder, prattling on even though Harry hasn’t answered. “It’s Niall, in case you didn’t catch on! I know it’s early but you said to call whenever I needed a lift and I really need a lift right now.” 

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