this blog is dedicated to a sexy band called niall and the potatoes.

‘If you saw someone go to punch Niall you would just go psycho…’ continues Harry. ‘I’d kill him,’ Liam states unequivocally.
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I cry because they would both defend him so hard… just imagine someone punching Niall and Harry just loses it, leaps up and starts wailing on the guy. And it’s Harry, and he’s always so sensible and in control and you can’t really even imagine him punching anyone, but the second somebody puts a hand on Niall he only sees red, because it’s Niall (and Bobby told Harry to keep an eye on Niall, it’s practically Harry’s duty to protect him), Niall the funny little Irish man that never did nobody no harm and how dare anyone try to hurt him and Harry may be young but he is a boxer and you just leave his Niall alone or else.